Recent smartphone OS updates may require changes to your smartphone settings to keep remote monitoring working properly. Check here

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Updated Operating Systems

If you’ve recently updated the Operating System of your smartphone with Android 10 or Apple iOS 13, your Bluetooth® and internet settings may need to be modified to ensure your myMerlin for Confirm Rx ICM mobile app works properly.

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These are the most common myMerlin™ mobile app questions or troubleshooting requests we receive.

What does the myMerlin™ mobile app do?

myMerlin™ is a mobile app that connects your smartphone to your heart monitor and automatically sends information to your doctor. It also allows you to manually record your symptoms as they happen.

How do I record a symptom?

Open the app on your smartphone and press the ‘Record Symptom’ button. You should keep your smartphone nearby until the Success message displays.

How should I plan ahead for lack of internet access?

As soon as you have a good connection again, the app will send your information to your clinic. However, try to stay connected to the internet (Wi-Fi or cellular data) as often as possible.

How often does the app check my heart monitor?

Typically, the app connects to your heart monitor once each day to collect information and send it to your clinic. However, this depends on the settings and schedule determined by your doctor.


If you need additional help with the mobile app, contact Abbott Remote Care Technical Support:

Outside the U.S.

Contact your clinic directly with any questions.

Please have the following information available when you call:

  • Confirm Rx™ ICM serial number from patient ID card
  • Smartphone make and model